24 March 2010

Missing in Activity

It's been a while since I've posted - so much so, it's seem to some I've been MIA.  
In the past month, we've hosted Felicia, one of the Gospel singers from Cedarville University, for a weekend as the "One Voice" Gospel Choir sang at our church for a concert in February.

  Me, Felicia, Cara and Tiana

I signed up for an on-line Art Journalling class through ArtTrader.
Here are the front and back covers I made for my journal.

(I love the dangle -y ribbons off the back!!)

Here are some of the pages I've completed;

Above -  the layered background
Below - the finished product

Above - the watercolor background
Below - the painted and journalled finished product

I've also done some rolos:

I also strung up some ATC's over my "create-space"

~ and considering this is the peak time of the year for me at work.....
It's no wonder I've been MIA (Missing in Activity)!!!