28 January 2010

What I Have Been Up To

I can't believe 3 weeks has passed since I've written!
Somehow, I thought having the apartment to myself while my daughters went 
out of town would have afforded me more time for Blogging,
but, apparently not!
I have been busy these past few weeks, though.

There is always time spent doing the usual;
Bible study
and, oh yeah, work!!

But through it all, I managed to fit in a little art
a little reading
a little organizing and decorating

2 weekends ago, I participated in another CAT
so the first weekend of solitude I was blissfully focused on art.
Here are some of my favorites;
(the first 4 atcs are actually from a "hand-drawn Swap I was finishing up)

Frida Kahlo

Colorful Mexican Art

Angel Gabriel

Girl with Wave-y Hair


King Tut

Pollyanna Club

Winter Beauty

God's Divine Work of Art

...With Bated Breath
Unexpected Event



Girl with sled


06 January 2010

Tying up loose ends

We're nearly one week into 2010 and I figured I should be tying up some loose ends -
leftovers from 2009...


I never got to mail out my Christmas cards and letter, so
I'm mailing out a "New Year's Letter" instead. 

Christmas decorations are still up.
I was never known for taking mine down early. 
I had intentions to do so last weekend...  BUT...
they look so beautiful!!!


I've got some art projects to finish up


and, oh yes! 
There is still some yummy home made fruitcake my mother in law made.
I'll be happy to finish that up!!

Here are some of my more recent atc's that I worked on in December;
This set is from the "Eternal Egypt" swap.

It has occurred to me that I posted pictures of my "wooden soldier" ornaments as I was making them, but I never posted the finished product. So here they are;

The recipients of these soldiers were very happy!

01 January 2010

Farewell, 2009! Welcome 2010!!!

I could wax poetically and wistfully about the past 12 months - nay - the past decade as it were. I could project and resolve and be resolute about the next 12 months.

But no....

I just want to wish the world...

...A Very Blessed 2010!!!

(Cara and Tiana, this one's for you!)