13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

A tribute to my Mom...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Mom.
Thank you for exposing me to the Classics at an early age.
For wearing pigtails and saddle oxfords and jeans.
For making "air" dinners
For taking me shopping to buy my first "peasant" dress
For instilling in me the love of books
For teaching me how to cook.
For letting me choose my baby sister's middle name (Yvonne-not Marie!)
For your hilarious wit and humor.
For working so hard at a job you hated so my siblings and I could have a good life
For driving me to college orientation (and I KNOW how much you hated driving)
For Hough Bakery birthday cakes
and Leggs hosiery in my Christmas stocking every year
For buying my first Poloroid camera.
For sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies and chocolate chips too
For lunches at the Silver Grille
For loving me even when I was unlovable
and forgiving my foolishness
For thanking me for calling you - even though you don't need to.
For hanging out with my kids
and for your laughter.

Time and space will not permit me to list all the things I Love about you.
So I'll have to sum it up in these 3 simple words;
Happy Mother's Day!!!