19 May 2010

My Portable Junque Journal

Last month, I began an "altered" notebook to record my thoughts, ideas, art info and other items of interest, that I could carry around with me everywhere I went.
Over the past few weeks I've been altering pages and adding to it.
I learned the "technical" name is "Junque Journal".
Here are a few of the pages I have completed:

A black velvet embroidered strap holds the journal and writing tools together

Bits of ephemera (junque) and scrapbook paper

pages are crinkled and inked for an interesting background.

Water soluble crayons (Caren d'Ache) are washed with water brush.

more water color crayon treatment

watercolor backgrounds make beautiful pages to jot notes.

Beautiful scrapbook paper (Mariposa DCWV)

watercolor, old book pages and gesso make a funky background...
Just be careful not to "rip" page when wet..
but then again, it adds to the "distressed" look I like!

An image of my blog ... for my "Blog" section

.... and my Blog ideas!!

More pretty, pretty watercolors!

Notes to myself, interesting signage, phrases

Preparation for the Art & Soul retreat

These "supply" lists come in handy when I'm in JoAnn's
with a coupon in hand,
and not sure exactly what it was I needed!

Great image for the back cover of my journal!!

04 May 2010

3 Things That Made Me Happy Today!!!

Yes, I am Proud to be a Clevelander!

Earlier today, as I was surfing YouTube during my lunch break, I ran across a video about doing art on the run by an artist from Chicago.  As I watched the video, I suddenly recognized clues to the fact that he was in Cleveland while he drew!   
I was elated!  Yay!  That's my city... 
Terminal Tower (AKA Tower City) -
Westside Market - RTA-
Public Square 

Then, after work I went to Curves to work out.  Afterward I had 45 minutes to kill before my bus came, so I had to make a decision..

Starbucks..... or
Whole Foods?
I chose Whole Foods (because it was closer)
and walk into a cooking demostration with delicious bean salad, hummas and vegetarian wraps!
Yum!  Healthy - tasty - and free!

Ahhh ... Flash Mobs....
I think flash mobs are great! 
(despite what my daughters' say ;-))
...And it's a special treat when it takes place in the land of the Buckeyes - Ohio State U
All and all a great day!!!