04 May 2010

3 Things That Made Me Happy Today!!!

Yes, I am Proud to be a Clevelander!

Earlier today, as I was surfing YouTube during my lunch break, I ran across a video about doing art on the run by an artist from Chicago.  As I watched the video, I suddenly recognized clues to the fact that he was in Cleveland while he drew!   
I was elated!  Yay!  That's my city... 
Terminal Tower (AKA Tower City) -
Westside Market - RTA-
Public Square 

Then, after work I went to Curves to work out.  Afterward I had 45 minutes to kill before my bus came, so I had to make a decision..

Starbucks..... or
Whole Foods?
I chose Whole Foods (because it was closer)
and walk into a cooking demostration with delicious bean salad, hummas and vegetarian wraps!
Yum!  Healthy - tasty - and free!

Ahhh ... Flash Mobs....
I think flash mobs are great! 
(despite what my daughters' say ;-))
...And it's a special treat when it takes place in the land of the Buckeyes - Ohio State U
All and all a great day!!!


Clark Mills Family said...

That was fun to watch. Made me smile :) thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Thanks for your friendship. XO