19 May 2010

My Portable Junque Journal

Last month, I began an "altered" notebook to record my thoughts, ideas, art info and other items of interest, that I could carry around with me everywhere I went.
Over the past few weeks I've been altering pages and adding to it.
I learned the "technical" name is "Junque Journal".
Here are a few of the pages I have completed:

A black velvet embroidered strap holds the journal and writing tools together

Bits of ephemera (junque) and scrapbook paper

pages are crinkled and inked for an interesting background.

Water soluble crayons (Caren d'Ache) are washed with water brush.

more water color crayon treatment

watercolor backgrounds make beautiful pages to jot notes.

Beautiful scrapbook paper (Mariposa DCWV)

watercolor, old book pages and gesso make a funky background...
Just be careful not to "rip" page when wet..
but then again, it adds to the "distressed" look I like!

An image of my blog ... for my "Blog" section

.... and my Blog ideas!!

More pretty, pretty watercolors!

Notes to myself, interesting signage, phrases

Preparation for the Art & Soul retreat

These "supply" lists come in handy when I'm in JoAnn's
with a coupon in hand,
and not sure exactly what it was I needed!

Great image for the back cover of my journal!!


Clark Mills Family said...

You are so creative! What an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing. Thank you so much for you kind comments on my blog. Through your faith and conviction that God is all powerful and Christ through his atonement took on all of our afflictions and suffering. Through him we can put our trust. You remind me to continually take comfort! Through our friendship I have been strengthened. Love to you my sister, my friend. It's been so fun to keep in touch!

EraserQueen said...

Wow! That is a really impressively gorgeous journal! You are inspiring me to start one myself :D Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your art!

Clark Mills Family said...

ARE YOU OK? haven't heard from you in weeks. Hope you are just enjoying your summer and taking time for some R&R! Take Care, Sharon

Relyn said...

I do love this journal. It is wonderful! And inspiring!

I was just dropping in to wish you and yours the happiest Independence Day. May your day be full! May you enjoy laughter shared with family, great food shared with friends, fireworks to make you gasp, a lump in your throat at the anthem, and a full and grateful heart at all we have been given. Happy Fourth of July, my friend!

sharon said...


Relyn said...

I was just checking back in on you. You haven't been around and I hope it is because you are busy doing happy things. I hope all is well. Take care, my friend.

Yolanda said...

I love your portable junk journal. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.