06 January 2010

Tying up loose ends

We're nearly one week into 2010 and I figured I should be tying up some loose ends -
leftovers from 2009...


I never got to mail out my Christmas cards and letter, so
I'm mailing out a "New Year's Letter" instead. 

Christmas decorations are still up.
I was never known for taking mine down early. 
I had intentions to do so last weekend...  BUT...
they look so beautiful!!!


I've got some art projects to finish up


and, oh yes! 
There is still some yummy home made fruitcake my mother in law made.
I'll be happy to finish that up!!

Here are some of my more recent atc's that I worked on in December;
This set is from the "Eternal Egypt" swap.

It has occurred to me that I posted pictures of my "wooden soldier" ornaments as I was making them, but I never posted the finished product. So here they are;

The recipients of these soldiers were very happy!


Clark Mills Family said...

Hi Lynnelise, thankyou for your comment on my blog. It makes me want to cry. I went private once and my Aunts and Uncles couldn't view my detailed life. So I changed back. So glad I did. Your blog is also beautiful. You are one talented lady! If it's okay can I add you to my list of blogs I follow?
From a new friend that follows Christ! Sharon

Sandi said...

Awesome work, Lynnelise, and thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I love doing altered books and the most fun I had was doing round robins...maybe we could do one soon!