26 February 2010

50 reasons I Love/Hate Winter

... in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

I have a love-hate relationship with Winter.
Especially in the midst of a 24 hour Winter storm warning.
Early December, I find myself looking forward to the snow
and its fluffy - goodness
Snow is necessary for me to get in the Christmas decorating/shopping/baking mood.
I enjoy it for a couple of months,
then - right around the time
Punxsutawney Phil sticks his head out of the ground
to proclaim how many weeks of winter we'll have
(BTW, Phil isn't very truthful - in Cleveland, we're liable 
to have 8-10-12 weeks of winter left!) 
(shame on you Phil!!)

... Anyway
About that time I begin to get very weary of Winter.
Like a beloved house guest
that has overstayed their welcome
I wish Winter to go away!!!

In the past, I've listed the 50 reasons I have loved a particular season.
For winter, in all fairness
I will list 25 reasons I love it
25 reasons I hate it:

25 Reasons I Love Winter

Big fluffy snowflakes
steam heat, bright colored scarves,
Brisk air to awaken my senses
snow-laden tree branches
rabbit tracks in new fallen snow
warm mittens
my snowman wreath upon my door
freshness in the air
flannel sheets
catching snowflakes on my tongue
curling up under a fleece throw with a good book
the sound of snowplows
Chrismas lights, carols, presents, etc.
hot chocolate with marshmallows,
Valentines Day
my big wool coat
New Year's resolutions
Winter Olympics
Brand new calendars

25 Reasons I Hate Winter

 neighbors who don't shovel their sidewalks
tracking snow into the apartment
Dirty, gray snow
The greed that Christmas can bring out in people
when 36 degrees is considered a heat wave
1ce-y sidewalks
the extra time it takes bundling up and putting on boots
Just when you think Spring has arrived - a blizzard hits
scraping ice and snow off of the car
16 shades of gray - everyday
it's dark when I leave for work, and dark when I return
dry skin
eyeglasses fogging up when I come inside
Cold, Colder, Brutal
no end in sight
hazardous driving conditions
harsh winds in my face
single digit temperatures for days on end
Being overheated in my coat while shopping indoors
frozen windshield wipers
Punxsutawney Phil lies
Salt on my boots, coat, car, floor
Colds and Flu


Clark Mills Family said...


Tiana Elise said...

I'm pretty much tired of Winter once the first snow fall occurs. This is probably why Find Your Spot said that the top places for me to live would be Honolulu, Seattle, and many cities in Texas.

Clark Mills Family said...

You are quiet. Hope everything is ok. Found this thought for you. Because you are an artist!
"When the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art." Leonardo Da Vinci
Let your spirit SORE-- s/p?
Any way XO, Sharon