24 May 2011

The RANDOM Adventures of the Gabriel Gals.

My daughters and I enjoy Randomness.  We find humor in the most absurd of situations and we are very impulsive in the things we like to do. 

Saturday (which turned out to be a gorgeous day!) we decided to go to the 2nd Annual Cleveland Asian Festival downtown.  We were immediately greeted by the aroma of ethnic foods being cooked over at the food venue. We made our way over to one of the performance-stage tents to see what type of dance was being performed.  We were ecstatic to hear a song from one of our favorite Indian movies "Lagaan", so there we stood at the edge of the venue singing - fairly poorly - the song "Radha Kaise Na Jale".
Comically RANDOM!!

We watched performances from India, Thailand, China, and Japan. We ate Korean, Phillipian, and other Asian cuisine - Yum! I purchased some exquisite jewelery from Cambodia and a beautiful fringed Japanese shawl.

Beautiful Japanese traditional dancers.

The city of Cleveland has decorated sculptures located throughout the city, commemorating the
Year of the Rabbit.
This Rabbit is a punk rocker, located in the Asian Plaza.

As we left the festival and were walking back to our car, we had to cross a bridge over a freeway overpass.  We paused to watch the cars and trucks racing below.
Then we each began to wave at the drivers.
Nearly all of the drivers waved back at us! 
It was fabulously RANDOM!!

We decided to continue our Asian Adventure by picking up some Take Out from Tree Country Bistro
Tree Country Bistro on Coventry.  It serves Japanese, Thai and Korean food.  It was de-lish-shosh!! (although a bit pricey)
We ended up parking on the roof of the parking garage and decided to amuse ourselves by watching the crowds below, undetected.  We had a blast being RANDOM!



Cara said...

Yes, we are random :)