12 April 2010

Whirlwind weekend

My grandson, Alex came to visit me this weekend from out of town.  Oh, and he brought his parents too.  It is so fun to hang out with a 3 year old.  He is so full of energy, and so curious about EVERYTHING! And sometimes a little stubborn too! We went to the Science Center Saturday.
everything is such a wonder!

Erica, Alex and Mike

My daughter Cara tried to take a picture of Alex giving me a good-bye kiss.  He likes those big "smack" kisses that are so hard to catch on camera.  After about 15 tries (yeah, he fired away 15 in a row!)  our camera battery died.  This was the best of the bunch!

My Art Idea Notebook!

Last week, spent an afternoon at one of my favorite places - JoAnn's.
In their clearance isle, I found a notebook regularly $2.00 marked down 75% to 50cents!
The notebook is 4"x6" and is the perfect size to stash in my bag. 
Orange/pink with black tectured "felt"
and NO LINES!!  YAY!!!

I divided the notebook into 6 sections; 
Ideas for Art Journal
Ideas for Art Projects
Ideas for my Blog  ;-)
Miscellaneous Ideas
Supplies (needed and craved!)
and finally, Health and Exercse - which I'm seriously thinking about keeping a separate notebook for. 
(my first entries under Miscellaneous Art Projects)
I "repurposed" some used index tabs I had at work.
I'll post my progress on this project!

Keep Creating!!


Relyn said...

I love your ideas notebook. I do love good stationary.