04 June 2011


Not a day goes by that I don't observe, experience, think of ... things that I would consider

Take the other day for example;
My son (the one in S Carolina) called to tell me what my 4 year old grandson Alex was up to.
He told me he'd heard the following conversation between Alex and my daughter in law, Erica..
Alex:   "Mommy, can you show me how to cut out a circle?"
Erica: "Sure, buddy.  Whatcha makin'?"
Alex: " I want to make a DVD."
Erica: "Oh, great! What is your movie going to be about?"
Alex: "I'm not making a movie, I'm making a DVD!"

...later that evening, after Alex was in bed, Mike and Erica decide to watch a DVD together, only to find the DVD player wouldn't work because...
"someone" had stuffed circular pieces of paper in the DVD player!! 

(my grandson, Alex)