14 June 2011

My Birthday Weekend

June 12 was my birthday.
Now, I'm not one to make a big deal about my birthday.
- It's not that I don't like birthdays and I've always thought
my birthday fell at the absolute BEST time of the year...
School was ending
Summer was just around the corner
People were graduating
going on vacation
getting married
it was almost exactly
in the middle between Christmases!
So, you can imagine my surprise when a co-worker baked a cake for me on Friday
and my co-workers all signed a card for me and shared my cake.
Saturday, Tiana and I went to 
Parade the Circle on Wade Park Oval.
(PTC is an artistic, funky, creative parade and is a lot of fun!)
Saturday evening, my family took me out to dinner at
"High Thai'd" (formerly Mint Cafe) on Coventry.
I had a wonderful time and the Thai food was superb!!
(even my father in law really liked his entree - even though he 
is not a culinary adventurer like my daughters and I!)
Back to the apartment to continue our celebration with a birthday cake
and some fun time with my grandson, Julius.
All this, and my birthday wasn't even until the next day!!!
Sunday, I was amazed that so many people at church knew it
was my birthday, then I realized...  Oh Yeah...
After church, my daughters "kidnapped" me to
Lucky's Cafe in the Tremont area.

The brunch there was sooooo delicious.
The restaurant was featured on a TV show,
Drive Ins, Diners and Dives.
It may seem like a hole in the wall 
in a less than "posh" neighborhood,
but let me tell you!  It had some of the best fare I'd ever tasted! 
While at the restaurant, my daughters presented me with a birthday present..
a beautiful Asian fan!
I had the best Birthday ever!!
thanks Tiana and Cara!!!

A few of the "charactors" from Parade the Circle

My Beautiful Birthday cake!!  Yum!!

I'm a fan of Asian fans!!


Elise said...

hey! June 13th is my birthday! what a great week! Happy birthday!