24 October 2009

I Love Autumn!

I love the month of October! I often say "autumn" is my favoritie time of the year, but here in Northeast Ohio, autumn can be 85 degrees - or 30 degrees, balmy short sleeve weather - or snow and boots.  So, I've chosen a very specific time and condition;  late October, leaves turning or at their peak, bright blue cloudless sky and, oh, about 50 - 60 degrees where I need to wear a fleece jacket.  That narrows it down to a 3 - 10 day window - and some years, we skip it all together with ice storm that knocks the leaves off before they can fully change.

I love the stews and chowders and chili - traditional - and non traditional holiday fare that comes with cooler weather. Earlier this week, Cara made Shrimp Gumbo in the crock pot.  Yum!

Last Sunday morning as I walked to church, I took some pictures of the foliage that had seemed to change overnight!

Now, Cara went out the following day and with the same camera, but set on "manual" with all her expertise in photography took some stunning pictures (below).

Hope you've enjoyed these!