31 October 2009

50 Reasons to Love Autumn 50 Reasons to Love Autumn 50 Reasons to Love Autumn

Acorns; cool crisp weather; wood-burning fire; flannel sheets and PJs; cornstalks; jumping into a pile a fragrant, colorful leaves; warm cider; knit scarves; chili; fleece jackets; sweaters; Indian summer; apple crisp; scarecrows; autumn-scented candles; pumpkins; Canadian geese; making jelly; Thanksgiving; cranberries; roasting marshmallows; turkeys; popcorn; potato soup; orange; red, yellow, brown; shrimp gumbo; butternut squash; chowders; planning for Christmas; the sound of rustling leaves; cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice; picking apples; warm comforters; hay rides; beef stew; Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks; mittens; Cornacopias; caramel apples; Hot Chocolate; bonfires; corderoy; acorn squash; candy corn; cashmere; corn maze; Curling up with a good book; Columbus Day; Veteran's Day, wool and tweed.

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
                  ~Psalm 19:1
Recently, I participated in a CAT (Collage-A-Thon) weekend hosted by ATCs For All which I am a member of. The way the CAT works is, the participants begin working on ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) at 5pm on Friday and continue (as their schedules permit) until midnight Sunday.  Artists are literally from all over the world, so we each start whenever 5pm begins in our part of the world. As we complete our cards, we post them to the site and to our galleries.  Then we trade cards and mail them out the following week.  I completed approx 16 cards in all and noticed that many of my cards had an "autumn" inspired theme. Here are some of them;


Tiana Elise said...

Love your 50 reasons. I feel like I could do 50 reasons to love Thanksgiving/November.

Relyn said...

You have quite a talent for altered art. And, oh, how I love your list.