01 December 2009


Happy December!!! 
November is finished - all too quickly it seems.  Now the transition from November to December; Autumn to Winter; Thanksgiving to Christmas....

I always have such high hopes for this time of year.  By Christmas Day I've made a dozen of promises to myself as to how I'm going to do things differently NEXT year so I can enjoy Christmas more and rush around stressed less.  (I never seem to remember those promises until much too late when Christmas is just a few weeks away...)

Well, today my intent is to box away my Autumn decorations and begin to gradually add in my Christmas items. (It's funny how orange/brown/yellow clash so hideously with red and green!).  I didn't arrange to have my Christmas boxes brought up from the storage room so I didn't have my Advent candles ready for last Sunday.  (hmmmm ... NEXT year I'll keep the Advent candles upstairs....  like I did the Christmas mugs!!!!)

Oh, YES!!!
One of my favorite rituals is to put away the "everyday" mugs and replace them with my CHRISTMAS MUGS!!!!   YAY!!!!    And I have already done that!!!!

Ahhhh!  A hot cup of coffee in a festive Christmas mug!

Now to formulate a plan of action!