16 December 2009

Leaving a Legacy

I was recently visiting some of my favorite cyber-friends blogs, when I came upon a scrapbooking challenge. One of my favorite blogs to follow is entitled "Faith Sisters" and is basically a group of Christian women who are also scrapbookers (like me!).  Their blog shares scrapbooking techniques and offers challenges and encouragement for "artsy" types who are following Christ and using their art talent for His glory.

The challenge that caught my attention is called "My Life Story" and each month we are given an assignment, focusing on our legacies and family history.  I got so excited reading about it.  This will help me focus more on my scrapbooking, and will result in a beautifully created scrapbook that will be a legacy to my family.

If you would like more information on this group, and their legacy challenge, visit