09 December 2009

One King held the Hope of the World

“ But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah,
Though you are little among the thousands of Judah,
Yet out of you shall come forth to Me
The One to be Ruler in Israel,
Whose goings forth are from of old,
From everlasting.”
~ Micah 5:2

Last Sunday was Week 2 of Advent; The Bethlehem Candle. 
With it, I associate the "Wise Men" - whether 3 or 3,000, whether Royalty or not - the Bible doesn't really specify. How appropriate to consider the lyrics from the song "One King" as performed by "Point of Grace"
(If you'd like to listen, it's number 12 on my playlist =>)

Kings of earth on a course unknown
Bearing gifts from afar
Hoping praying
Following yonder star

Silhouette of a caravan
Painted against the sky
Wise men searching
For the Holy Child

One king held the frankincense
One king held the myrrh
One king held the purest gold
One King held the hope of the world

A star hangs over Bethlehem
A journey ends in the night
Three kings trembling
Behold the glorious sight

Heaven's treasure Emmanuel
Drawing men to bow down
Tiny baby born to wear a crown


Relyn said...

Our new church doesn't do an advent candle wreath and I find myself missing it more than I would have imagined. Thank you for sharing yours here.